Nine different musicians, joined by a strong desire to create and live their own passion for music, set up the project Chameleon Mime in July 2015. It mixes together different music genres as Swing, Ska, Electro Swing, Latin and Funk to create original, passionate and unique sounds. As chameleons have the ability to change colours, as Chameleon Mime's music always changes rythmes without adjusting to a singular genre. The band is formed by a female voice, a guitar, accordion/keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, violin, bass, percussions and drums. Chameleon Mime took part to one of the most important music event, the Boomtown Fair festival 2016 (UK). Moreover they played in more than fourty live events in Italy in 2016. The most important ones are: Arena Campovolo Madiba, Festareggio, Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna). Positive River Festival, Campegine (Emilia Romagna). CC Muziek Cafè, Amsterdam (NL). The Waterhole, Amsterdam (NL). Festival Cittaslow, Borgotaro (Emlia Romagna). Ferrara Buskers Festival (Emilia Romagna). Imaginaria Festival, Sambuca Pistoiese (Toscana). European Music Festival, Valle di Ledro (Trentino Alto Adige). B.U.C.O. fest festival, Bologna (Emilia Romagna). Circolo Arci Vizi del Pellicano, Correggio (Emilia Romagna). Circolo Arci Calamita, Circolo Arci Tunnel, Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna). At the moment the band is working to make the first CD of its career.